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My Zones of Copy Genius

Brand Voice


Having a consistent voice to represent your brand is vital. The language, tone, formality, syntax, rhythm, and more will impact how your brand is perceived by others. Having any of these elements disjointed from the overall brand voice will confuse and repel potential fans. You gotta get to the heart of your tribe and speak their language.


During the brand voice defining and developing process, I don’t shy away from the heavy-lifting. I have a thorough interview process that allows me to get at the center of your brand’s universe, unveiling its core essence.


Once a full understanding of what you want your brand to represent and who you intend to serve is uncovered, I’ll create a brand voice style guide. This will be used by anyone who writes for your business so that your messaging is consistently on-brand and easily recognizable.


Brand Voice Packages Start at $1,999

Website Copy


Your website is the home for your business- this is where your brand can be itself, so it needs to represent your brand’s soul well. This is your chance to reveal the soul of your brand to the world and let it shine!


For your website copy project, the first step is ensuring that a clear brand identity and voice is established. If you already have a brand voice style guide, I will use it in conjunction with the website goals and research data to create attractive, alluring, converting website copy.


The basic website copy package includes: a 1-hour discovery call, Tagline, Copy for 4 pages (home, about, services, contact), Short bio for blog sidebar, Official bio (for use in media kits, guest posts, etc.), Opt-in copy and subscriber nurture sequence email copy (words only), up to 2 revisions, and a review call after 1st draft.


Website Copy Packages Start at $3,499


Do You See EXACTLY What You Need?

Content Production


Once the right people find you, you wanna keep them around, am I right? To do that, you gotta give ‘em the good stuff. How do you do that? Content. Blog posts, free downloads, subscription updates, emails, social media posts- all the things. Don’t be stingy like Ciara with the goodies. Give it to ‘em.


We will get together for a strategic meeting of the minds to assess the exact combination of content that would serve your particular audience and develop a plan of action. We’ll discuss whether you want to provide the topics yourself or have me curate them.



The most basic package that will keep your audience engaged and interested is usually 4 blog posts, 4 emails, 1 newsletter, and 8 (4 long form, 4 short form) social media copy materials per month.


Content Packages Start at $2,899 per month

Don’t See What You Need?

Not everything fits into a pretty little package with a nice big bow.

You may want to start with a website audit to help you understand where you stand now ($499, which can be applied toward a full website copy package if we move forward).

I also offer custom packaging for those who know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it.


Some individual copy materials that may be needed:

Taglines - Webpage Copy (Single Page) - Short Bio (for blog sidebar) - Official Bio (for use in media kits, guest posts, etc.) - Content Upgrade and Subscriber 5-email Nurture Sequence Copy - Landing Page Copy - Opt-in Material and Subscriber 5-email Nurture Sequence Copy - Thank you page copy - Email nurture sequence copy - Blog Posts - Newsletter - Long-form Social Media Post - Short-form Social Media Post - Press Release - White Paper


Need Something Extra Special, Dearie?

Amber Brooks, Copywriter

I deliver powerful copy and I deliver it FAST. In order to keep the creative process flowing smoothly and ensure speedy delivery, a few things must happen:

  • We must be a good fit. We don’t have to agree on everything, but our visions and values must align well. If I don’t think we’ll fit well, I’ll be honest upfront, as should you.
  • The relationship should be open and considerate. Each perspective should be respected and considered.
  • Responses and feedback should be timely. There's information I need before I can craft copy. And I may have questions along the way. Timely response is vital to project progress.
  • Clients I work best with are decisive, but not absolute. My clients should be able to make a decision and move on, but know that my expertise may require some initial desires to be reconsidered.
  • My expertise should be respected. You are an expert in your field and I am an expert in mine. I deliver copy that has been carefully considered and measured against competitors.
  • The relationship should be clear. My clients must understand that they are working with me, I am not working for them. I work as a collaborator and invest in each client.

Case Studies

Are you ready for a brand rebirth? Let me share a story with you…

How a website copy project turned into a business pivot.


A brilliantly talented woman who was having trouble getting visible and getting clients contacted me to write her website copy for her virtual assistant business. Upon reviewing what she already had on her website, I felt that there was something missing…

The services were corporate administrative tasks. The copy was very formal and safe…but she had the most amazing graphic design and web design elements I had seen from a VA....and they even put some designers to shame.

So, being the naturally inquisitive person I am, I probed a bit, asking her if she truly enjoyed the administrative tasks she was trying to sell...

Guess what? She didn’t like the administrative tasks at all. Design was where her heart was and she was incredibly talented at it and passionate about it. She shared with me a secret plan to launch this amazing business and another mentorship program focused on design…

Her ideas were AMAZING. The problem? She didn’t believe in herself so she was playing it safe…

Once I initiated the conversation and encouraged her to be herself and pursue her passions, she got a fire lit under her…Her true calling was out in the open. Her soul was bare. She was free to pursue this passion.

And that is the moment when I found my true calling as well: helping passionate but discouraged business owners reveal the true soul of their brand and sharing it with the world through the written word.

A note from this passionate soul:

“If you are stressed and overwhelmed with trying to find your voice within your business, then you need to call on Amber...her ability to really dig deep and pull out just the right words to...speak to my audience...sparked creativity inside in me as well. I was at a standstill for months and had no idea what to do next to improve my web presence. Amber reviewed my site and provided me with a detailed analysis...what I read blew me away. It was at that moment that I realized that with Amber by my side I will finally have the business I always wanted. Each draft was literally helping me with my business strategy. It was truly an amazing and emotional experience for me…”

- Cora Keys, Graewood Digital Solutions

Still thirsty for more? Here’s another one for you…

The weight of the world can be lifted. I’m here to carry the load.


When Michelle Hughes contacted me for help writing her web content, she was overwhelmed and stressed out trying to figure out what to write. She needed to get her web content over to her, yesterday…

She had a clear ideal client avatar outlined, established services, and a focused goal. But, when it came to the homepage and the about page, she couldn’t form the words.

I took all of her notes and the notes from our video conference- where I interviewed her to find out more about her “why,” got into the personal details that were the backstory of how she had gotten to that point, and character traits that contribute to her ability and drive- and crafted her web content, based on her brand and target audience.

I got her the content she needed way ahead of the deadline and over-delivered on content, offering consultative advice on some other copy elements.

The result? A huge sense of relief and accomplishment when she sent the copy over to the designer. After the site went live, she made sure to comment that my collaboration with her made the site launch possible.

This is her feedback:

“I found Amber at the right time in my life! I was so behind on getting copy to my website designer and the pressure of trying to write it myself was weighing heavily on my shoulders!! She nailed my homepage, about page, and services page with just the little information that I gave her. She made my client experience a dream and was so easy to work with. I can’t wait to work with her again in the future!!”

- Michelle Hughes,

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