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Brand Identity

Brand Identity- Why You Need to Unfilter Your Brand

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Society has a tendency to teach humans norms that don’t always make sense. We may think they make sense, but if you sit back and consider the outcome, many are really just odd expectations.   When you were little, you were probably taught to sit still, not speak until spoken to, behave a certain way, and filter your personality.   But, does that make sense? Who does that serve? When you become conditioned to live according to how others want […]

Establish Credibility

Establish Credibility When You Think You Have None

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In order for people to buy products or invest in services, they need to trust the brand they are giving their money to. The company needs to be a credible source of knowledge or trustworthy products. But, how do you establish credibility when you are a brand new entrepreneur? With no track record, no previous clients or customers, and no reviews, you may think it is impossible to be taken seriously and earn the trust of your potential clients or […]

Creating a Brand Voice

Creating a Brand Voice: How to Get Recognized

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There’s plenty of fish in the sea of entrepreneurship. To stand out and get noticed, you will need to focus on creating a brand voice that defines your brand and sets it apart from the others. A brand vice is the unique, intentional, and consistent set of language that is used to represent a brand and express itself. It will present the brand’s personality, beliefs, ideals, and values. This language will guide the perception of your brand in the face […]

Planning Content Strategy

Planning Content Strategy- Don’t Miss This!

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This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive _____. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive _____. *This post contains affiliate links- a couple (not all) of the mentioned programs that make planning content strategy much easier may give me incentives, discounts, or payments if you use the included link to sign up with them.   Planning […]

Copywriting and Copyediting: A Comparison

Copywriting and Copyediting: A Comparison

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Why You Can’t Just Pay Someone to Edit and Expect the Same Results The discussion about copywriting and editing is a hot topic both in the copywriting communities and discussions between copywriters and potential clients. There probably isn’t an established copywriter who hasn’t encountered the problem.   And here it is:   The reasons why this happens vary: The client thinks that they can write what they need, but maybe need some guidance when it comes to grammar, punctuation, language, […]

Copy and design are equally important

Copy vs. Design: The Battle Continues…

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It’s heating up by the day, each side ready to put on their armor and hit the field with their weapons of logic (so they think). I see it in several of the online communities I’m a part of. And it’s rather interesting to watch. It can be even more interesting to be a part of the conversation- just get ready for a couple blows to the face if you are of the opposing side. What are the sides, you […]

Great Respect Comes From Great Communication

Great Respect Comes From Great Communication

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Have you ever stumbled upon a post or article and immediately got sucked in? Did you read along and think, YES! This is every single thing I’ve struggled with! or This is exactly what I needed to find! Did it whisper softly to you? Come in, read more, stay a while… Or did it shout loudly? HEY! Look! I have an important message you need to read RIGHT NOW! Did you ever stop to wonder how it pulled you in so […]

Finding Inspiration for Great Content

Finding Inspiration for Great Content

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One of the biggest complaints I hear from people who don’t care to write very much is that they have a hard time finding inspiration. Without ideas for topics, they become paralyzed at the keyboard. Or, they have topics, but have no idea how or where to begin writing the content… I hear the same comments over and over- I don’t know what to write about… How do you say what others have already said in a unique way? I […]

Make sure you have amazing copy to get the attention of your ideal audience

Copywriting Copycats – Don’t Settle for Poor Quality

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I have noticed something in the entrepreneurial community that is bothering me. There are many people in our networks who think that just because they can speak English and type, they can call themselves copywriters and editors and get paid for it. (Some of them don’t even speak English well!) Many of these people have no formal training- no higher education to refine communication skills, no internship or work experience in the field, and no personal investment into writing courses […]

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