Ready to squeal at the magical moment your vision materializes?

Have you been feeling a little misunderstood?


You’ve been working so hard and doing so much...but no matter how hard you push, your efforts aren’t really getting noticed…


If you could just have a little boost to give you a slight hand up, you know you could totally crush it in your field…


You have the fire burning inside of you to change lives in a major way


If you could just reach the right people with your message..


Well, get ready- because I’m about to take you through a transformation!

I write attention-grabbing and revenue-earning on-brand words for

entrepreneurs who use their passions and skills to make the world a better place.

There’s a lot of NOISE on the webiverse...but a lot of it is monotonous mumblings in mono-tones.


In order to make positive changes in this world, you gotta shake things up, speak up, and be heard.


I’m a rooter for the under-dog, a supporter of the unconventional, and a collaborator for innovators.


Because, I know what it’s like to be on the bottom rung and fight your way up. It takes guts and determination.


But, it also takes having the right people on your side.

Are you the one who’s always been so much more than you like to talk about?

If you’re like I used to be, you probably want to just keep on sliding under the radar...trying to go unnoticed...not drawing attention to yourself…making no point to speak out because you’re afraid of what people will think if you let go and be yourself…


That’s a problem.


You want to know why?  

It takes individuality and uniqueness to stand out and get noticed.


And when you have a business, your brand needs to get noticed.


I get it...truly, I do...


You don’t want like to talk about yourself or your business because you are afraid of getting labeled as pushy….  

You don’t want to be yet another sleazy profiteer, begging the masses to buy in to your sweet deal...  

Or, even worse, actually making people feel bad or question themselves if they don’t throw money at you.


That’s why I’m the perfect copywriter for you.


Because I was once one of those little-miss-checkered-dress gals Sugarland likes to sing about…never speaking unless spoken to...


Until I realized that you can hold onto your values and ideals without sacrificing your unique individuality and still make waves.


I know from personal experience that it takes courage and strength to push out of your comfort zone, declare your arrival, and own the badassery that is you.


And when your main focus is to help others become successful and passionately fulfill their dreams, you gotta get noticed before you can reach them.

So, let’s create an alluring brand story that gets people to wake up from the hum-drum content they’re used to and pay attention to YOU.

My process is involved and in-depth. I delve into the recesses of the soul of your brand by asking questions that get you thinking in a different way.


The outcome?


Coming out of the research and discovery phase with a new understanding of your own brand. You’ll learn things about yourself and your brand you hadn’t even thought about before.

And when those ideas materialize into words- your intended audience is going to be captivated.

But, before I tell your brand story, I suppose you want to know mine…

I've been obsessed with the written word since I could write my own name...


I remember sitting on my Papaw's lap, watching the lead flow freely as my hand guided the pencil in slow steady curves. Later, I'd pull out his old typewriter and peck away at the keys, piecing together the words into what I thought were brilliantly crafty sentences.


In high school, I'd fall asleep at the desk during most subjects, both as a result of working all week and a determined plan to not have to answer questions out loud. But, I'd be sure to stay awake for the latest discussion about Gatsby and that mysterious green light...


There were hardships unnumbered...


After I became a very young mother and fought through some tough situations and relationships, I started learning life doesn't have to be all about fighting against the odds.


At nearly 30, I finally went to college. My English professor and mentor saw in me what I was no longer able to see in myself and helped re-ignite the spark of passion I had for reading and writing. This awoke my soul to my love for language and got me to finally raise my hand.


I'll stay in touch and collaborate with you

I never wanted to draw attention to myself…


There was a lot of mindset issues to work through before I was able to help others. Fear of rejection. Fear of being labeled an imposter. Fear of failure. Fear that my success would overshadow others.


But, like Alice, I had to travel through my own Wonderland and learn who I was so I could come to the aid of others...


I learned that nobody gets anywhere in life by sitting still and keeping quiet. And it is absolutely impossible to stand up for what is right without having the courage to step out of your own comfort zone.


Now, I'm ready to use what I know to help you...


Backed by an AA&S and BA in English, experience as a managing editor of a national publication, and a drive to support the success of others, I use my skills to help tell the story of people and brands like you.


Here at Ink & Keys Collective, I use analytical skills, strategy, and art of language to create effective and electrifying copy for entrepreneurs.



I want you to know that I take your needs very seriously and personally invest in the partnerships that are developed.


What I do is not work. It is a collaborative evolving process.


I want to dig deep and find out the underlying motivators, purposes, character and personality traits, ideal clients, and true needs behind your brand.


This comprehensive understanding allows me to craft copy that represents your brand’s essence.

Image is everything...


And copy is the most important aspect of your image.


The language used for your brand gives your audience an idea of what to expect.


And, trust me- people have high expectations.


Let's talk about how I can help you share your vision...


So, what’s your story?

Get in on the Communication Revelation- your road-map to successful writing!