You are the hero in your story, and your people need a savior.


Get out of your own head and share the magic within.


We’re gonna unveil the soul of your brand.


Ink & Keys Transforms Brand Positioning By:

Identifying what’s holding you back, removing the filter from the words and getting real with copy that actually connects and converts readers to clients and fans.

Uncovering and defining your brand voice, speaking to those just waiting to receive your unique gifts.

Attracting + retaining loyal tribe members who will be singing your praises and growing your tribe even more, therefore growing the revenue stream.

Ya wanna know what keeps entrepreneurs from getting visible while others grow loyal fan clubs like moths to a flame?


Playing it safe, being cautious, and saying what they think everyone wants to hear.


You’re not in a 9-5, where you have to sit still and look pretty.


So, why are you holding back?


Nice guys finish last and wallflowers get unnoticed.

You want to create that magical moment where everyone notices when you enter the ballroom?


Step 1: Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. You are not them.


Step 2: Be yourself. Show your quirks. Reveal your uniqueness. Stand out.


Step 3: Hire a kick-ass copywriter to present your brand’s soul to the world. (PSSST- That’s ME!)


Brand Voice Development - Website Copy - Content Creation


I’m Amber- brand copywriter, visibility catalyst, and show-runner at Ink & Keys Collective.


I delve into the magical madness of discovering what makes your heart go pitter-patter when it comes your work.


I'll unveil the soul of your brand, give your inner voice words, lighting a fire and accelerating your brand’s success.


There’s a spell-binding story behind your brand just waiting to come to life...

Amber Brooks, Copywriter


“If you are stressed and overwhelmed with trying to find your voice within your business, then you need to call on Amber...Her ability to really dig deep and pull out just the right words to not only speak to my audience, her words sparked creativity inside in me as well...It was truly an amazing and emotional experience for me…”

- Cora Keys, Graewood Digital Solutions